Where do I get a LinkedIn Profile button from?

I’ve seen buttons that link to people’s LinkIn Profiles on their websites. How can I add one to mine?

Leo, down at WorkConnexions, wanted to know how he can add a LinkedIn button to his website. These buttons are designed to link to your profile on LinkedIn’s website and help you promote yourself and your services.

Adding these buttons isn’t hard, as LinkedIn provide the code for you themselves. You’ll need to navigate to Your Profile on the LinkedIn website and look for the section that says “Promote Your Profile”. Here’s a snippet showing what it looks like:

Click on “Promote your Profile” and you will be presented with a selection of buttons you can use and the associated code. Just copy the code to your website and you’re all set to go. Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Where do I get a LinkedIn Profile button from?”

  1. LinkedIn provides View My Profile buttons containing LinkedIn graphics that you can post in email signatures or on your blog, message board or website.

    Click ‘Edit My Profile’ found in the left navigation area of the home page.
    Click ‘Edit Public Profile Settings’ in the upper right-hand corner of the Profile page.
    Click on the ‘customized buttons’ link found in the Public Profile box.
    Choose a logo button and copy the HTML code provided next to it. This code will include a link to your public profile.
    Paste the code on to your blog, message board or website.

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