How do I increase website text size?

I’m trying to use a website but I find the text too small to read comfortably. Is there a simple way to make the text larger? I use Internet Explorer 7.

I got this question from an elderly gentleman I was speaking to some time ago. His exact word were that his browser looked like it had taken a diet pill and that everything looked tiny. Well, one of the features of Internet Explorer 7 is that it allows you to easily zoom in and zoom out of a page. Changing the zoom factor is pretty easy too. There’s a slider at the right bottom of the browser window that lets you modify that:

This lets you change the zoom factor nice and easily so that you get look closely or zoom out of a web page.

You can also control this through a simple keypress. To make text larger hold down the Ctrl key and press the + key as many times as necessary. Pressing Ctrl and – has the opposite effect, and Ctrl and 0 will reset the text to its normal size. These keyboard controls also work in Firefox.

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