How do I start the flight simulator in Google Earth?

I’ve heard there’s a special feature in Google Earth that lets you fly a plane around the world. How do I get to it?

The feature you’re talking about is called an Easter Egg, which is a special feature that application developers bury within their programs. The flight simulator in Google Earth made it’s appearance some time ago but it’s an old favourite that keeps coming up time and time again. So, how do you get access to it. Either click on the Tools menu and select Enter Flight Simulator, or press CTRL-ALT-A. Mac users should press Apple-ALT-A.

Once the flight simulator starts up, you get a choice between a fast F16 filter or a slower propeller aircraft. The flight simulator can start from the current location or from a selection of famous airports. It can also use a joystick if there is one connected to the computer, otherwise a full list of keyboard commands can be found by clicking on the help button.

The great thing about this flight simulator is that it doesn’t really matter if you crash, the flight simulator just offers to start again from that same location. Just make sure you don’t crash into a mens jewellery store, because you won’t be able to pass through security with all that metal on you.

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  1. That’s cool. I didn’t know that was there. My husband is constantly messing with Google Earth. He’s fascinated with the weather application…

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