How do I copy DVDs on my Mac

I have a DVD which a friend made for me containing a media presentation of our grandchildren. I’d like to make some copies for family members but haven’t figured out how to do this on my Mac. Can you recommend a package?

How can I buy cheaper books?

I love browsing through books, but I know I can always buy them cheaper online. The problem there is that you can really browse as well as in a bookshop. Is there any way I can check prices online while in the store?

How do I turn thumbnails back on in Vista?

In an effort to speed up my computer, I opted for “Adjust for best performance” in the Performance Options window. I hadn’t realised that this would disable the thumbnails of images in Windows Explorer. As this is useful, is there any way of turning just this option back on without having to turn on all… Continue reading How do I turn thumbnails back on in Vista?