Why does my USB hub suddenly stop working?

I use a USB hub for my mouse, keyboard and scanner. If I plug in an external hard disk into it, all my devices stop working. Any idea why this may be happening?

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How do I block adverts?

I’m currently living with my parents and am restricted to using a dial-up connection for my Internet. I have using up bandwidth downloading adverts; what’s the best way to block them?

Where can I find a fast label printer?

I’m working with a company who is planning to mailshot a large number of clients. We’re looking for a label printer as we need to print some custom labels. We do have a few thousand customers, so we were looking for a heavy duty printer. Can you recommend anything?

Where do my crash reports go?

I use Firefox extensively, but recently it has been crashing. A “Crash screen” gives the opportunity to send a report to Mozilla, but I’ve never had a response. Is it worth sending the report in?