How do I set up Google Analytics on a Facebook fan page?

I’m a big fan of Google Analytics and would really like to use it on a Facebook page, just to gather some more analytics on what’s going on. Is this at all possible?

The great thing about the Web is that, given enough ingenuity, everything is possible. You would have thought that this would be a hard thing to do, but thanks to the boys down at WebDigi, this can be done. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Log into your Google Analytics account, create a new website called and get your tracking code for the site. This looks something like UA-1234567-8
  • Head down to FBGAT – The FaceBook Google Analytics Tracker. You can download and host your own version of this or use the hosted version (which is free)
  • Fill in the form using the following details:
    • Analytics Code: This is the tracking code that you got in the first step
    • Domain on Analytics: The domain name you created when you set up the Analytics Code (
    • Page Link: You can call this anything you like, but it’s how you track the individual page in Analytics
    • Page Title: This is for your reference.
  • Click “Generate Code” and the site will give you HTML for a special image
  • Go to your Facebook page and add the Static FBML application. This lets you add any code you like and you’ll use this to add the tracking image.
  • You’re done! Any visits to your page will show up on Google Analytics

Note that if you want to track different pages on your fan site, you’ll need to create a different tracking image for each page. It doesn’t matter if your fan page is for a ballet shop or urban clothing, keeping track of who’s coming and going and provide some very valuable insight as to where your customers are coming from and where we can get more.

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