How can I listen to my iPod in my car?

I was riding in my mate’s car and he has a connection in his car where he can plug in his iPod to listen to music as he drives. I don’t have a connection like this in mine. What can I do to listen to my iPod in my car?

There are a number of technologies that can help you do this. First of all, you can get a line-in connection fitted to your car stereo (which is what your friend has). This can work well for you, but isn’t the easier option. Another option which I had seen in the past was a special cassette you could stick in your player with a cable that plugged right into your player. This will only work, of course, if you have a cassette player in your car, which are becoming more and more uncommon.

The option I would recommend is to get a device that can play music from your device over your car radio. You plug in your player, choose a channel and just tune your radio into the channel you’re transmitting on. One such device is the Belkin TuneCase 3 FM Transmitter, which plugs right into your iPod and lets you stream your music over your car radio. It’s pretty simple to use and can be quite effective. It’s also pretty cheap, currently on sale from for £14.99 and that price also includes shipping!

The great thing about this sort of solution is that you can use it at home as well as in your car, or if you decide to switch to another car. Do you think this may fit the bill?

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