How do I include an image in a comment box in Excel?

I saw an Excel sheet on my colleagues desktop that had an image in a comment box. I can’t figure out how he did it, as every time I try to paste an image in nothing happens. How did he do it?

I’m presuming you’re talking about Excel 2007 as the technique I’m going to describe doesn’t work with older versions. You cannot actually paste an image in there, but you can set one up as a background image for the comment. Here’s what you do:

First of all right click on the comment cell and click on Insert Comment. Right-click on the border of the comment box and click on Format Comment. Click on the Colours and Lines tab, then the dropdown menu for Color in the Fill section and then Fill Effects. Click on the Picture tab and then on the Select Picture button. Find the image and click on OK. It’s a good idea to select the option “Lock picture aspect ratio” to prevent the image from being distorted and click on OK.

You can put any picture you want in there, a picture of a cat, maybe one of the POS systems you’re selling or even a photo of yourself if you really want. As I said, this will only work on Excel 2007. It won’t work on previous versions.

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