How do I get IPv6 working in Windows 7 ?

I upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium from Windows Vista on both my laptop and desktop computers, so I can use Homegroups to share files between them. However, when I tried setting it up I got a message saying that IPv6 is required. How can I fix it?

IPv6 is a new way of identifying computers and other devices on the network. It has been created IPv4 has a smaller range of addresses and was running out of available space. Normally, a Windows 7 installation ha IPv6 turned on, but it must be disabled on your computer (maybe it was an upgrade?). Here’s how you can turn it on:

Click on the Start button and type “Network and Sharing Center” and press Enter.
Click on the blue text in the Connections section
This should say something like Wireless Network Connection.
Click on the Properties button.
Check the box labelled “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)
Click OK and close

You should be all sorted now. You can now share files, try some online printing and view videos from one machine to the other (just like the Windows 7 adverts)

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