How do I insert an equation into a Word document?

I’m preparing a hand out for some students of mine and I’d like to add an equation. How can I do that?

I’m assuming that you’re using Word, as this is probably one of the most common word processors out there. You probably would have noticed that typing 1/2 turns automatically into a half symbol, but if if you want something more complicated, it’s good to know that Word has a powerful equation editor, though it is hidden away.

To insert an equation in a document, click on the Insert menu and then Object. Click on the Create new tab. Scroll down the Object type list, click on the Microsoft Equation 3 and then on OK. A text box will appear along with the Equation editor toolbar. This has all the different equation shapes and characters.

Click somewhere else in the document when you are finished with the equation and it will appear in a grey box. Don’t worry, the grey won’t appear when the document is printed. Double-click on the box to edit the equation.

There you go, whether you’re adding chemical compositions for Clinicallix reviews or putting together equations to prove there’s life elsewhere in the universe, I’m sure you’ll find this post useful.

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