How do I correct USB Stick errors messages?

I’ve noticed that sometimes when my USB Stick sometimes throws an error message saying it hasn’t been recognised. What do I do to avoid this?

Although Windows 7, Vista and XP don’t need extra software to use USB memory keys, an error message can appear saying the device has not been recognised, as the USB memory key wants to use a drive letter already in use.

To fix it, left-click on the Start button, right-click on (My) Computer and then left-click on Manage. You may need to enter your password or click Continue in a User Account window.

Click on Disk Management in the left-hand column. Look for an entry that does not have a drive letter. Right-click on the drive and then click on Change Drive Letter and Paths…’. Click on the Change button and select a new drive letter from the dropdown menu. Click OK in both windows to save.

Now that’s easier than losing abdominal fat, isn’t it!

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