How do I get the correct weather showing on my HTC HD2?

I bought an HTC HD2 smartphone a couple of weeks ago. When it connects to my home Wifi it says that the current weather is “Snow” even though there’s no snow outside. How can I make it report the correct weather.

I had a similar problem when I got my Android phone, so I would doubt this is a problem with your phone. There are a number of ways in which your phone figures out where it is, and if it doesn’t have a GPS location, it will try and figure out where you are based on cell phone towers (called Assisted GPS) or the location your IP address may be registered under. The problem with the last two options is that they are at best, not very accurate; they can also be wildly wrong.

The best way to resolve the issue is to tell your phone what weather you want to show. Tap on the clock on the Home tab and scroll through the list for your nearest city. Tap on the Add City option and enter city name if your city is now shown. Click on the circle to the left of the city to select it. The weather should not update automatically. If not, tap on the text of your current location and then on the Weather tab. Tap Update Now to force the phone to look for the current weather.

That wasn’t terribly hard, was it. Let’s hope someone doesn’t ask me how to treat acne in my next question. I can do technical questions, but something like that isn’t really one I can answer 😉

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