How can I snipe an auction?

I keep losing auctions in the last few seconds and want to know if there’s something i’m doing wrong. How do other bidders do it?

You’re referring to a technique called sniping: which is placing a bid on an auction in the last few seconds before it closes. It can be a bit risky doing this, as if you have technical problems you may not be able to place the bid, but in most cases it does mean that you manage to get your auction for a better price, as your opponents may not have chance to outbid you.

Whether you’re bidding on ballet shoes or sterling silver jewelry, what you need is JustSnipe. This is the sniper I use and I find it pretty useful. All you have to do is give it the auction number and the maximum you’re ready to bid and just let it take care of business. A few seconds before the auction closes it will place a bid for you and more often than not the auction will be yours!

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