How do I stop receiving people’s Daily Papers on Twitter?

I’ve been following you on Twitter for some time, but recently you’re tweeting a Daily Paper like a bunch of other people I follow. I find these pretty annoying, how can I turn these off?

The Daily Papers are produced automatically by a service called Paper.Li, and if you’re not subscribed to it, you can subscribe to my paper her. I found these quite interesting when they started, but like you, after you I’ve started to find the a bit annoying. I prefer receiving manually selected links, rather than an automatically generated paper, whether it’s on technology, wrinkle eye cream or architecture.

There is a simple way to stop receiving these messages. The company behind them, set up a special account called NewsCrier. All you need to do is send a message to this twitter account, any message at all. This will stop any Paper.Li messages from coming your way.

Mission accomplished!

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