How do I keep track of people mentioning me on Twitter?

I work for a company that’s one of the largest producers of bathroom fittings in the world. Our PR guys asked me how to keep an eye on Twitter to see when someone mentions us. There’s no budget, are there any tools you can suggest?

Well, there are a number of tools you can use out there. The most basic is Google Alerts, which also monitors other mentions of you on the Internet. It sort of works with Twitter, but doesn’t really pick up all references. There’s a better tool called TweetBeep that you might want to look at.

It’s great for general reputation management, or even if you want to monitor if someone mentions your company or uses a more generic term, like shower faucets. Check it out, it can give you a handle on what’s going on on Twitter, then you can invest in better tools if you need.

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