How can I make my Android phone behave like Windows Mobile 7?

I’ve been using Android for ages now and I’m bored with the default launcher behaviour. I’ve seen a Windows Mobile 7 phone and was wondering if I there’s a similar “skin” or addon for my phone that can make it behave like this?

The user interface on the standard Windows Mobile Phone 7 build is called Metro. I can’t imagine why you prefer this, but hey, as they say de gustibus non est disputandum. I had a quick look around and it turns out that there are a couple of projects on XDA-Developers that may suit your bill.

The one that looks best is the WP7 Android Launcher. It’s still in development, but does mimic Metro pretty well. Here’s what it does:

Features (for long click on apps list or tiles):
– Pin/Unpin tiles
– Uninstall apps
– Exchange tiles position (just chose Move tile and then Move here)

– Change wallpaper (the launcher background is black, but it’s useful for the lock screen wallpaper)
– Use built in icons for some apps or use default app icon on the tiles
– Change the tile color
– Reset tile color to default
– Chose between opaque and transparent background (uncheck this if you want to see the wallpaper)

It’s worth a try, but keep in mind; just like tanning bed lotion doesn’t a perfect tan make, in the same way, this is a launcher that’s not “native” to Android, so may not do in the long term.

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