I’ve been invited to a poker shootout. What’s that all about?

My cousin is one of these guys who spends his evenings playing poker. He’s invited me to join him and some mates in a poker shootout. Any idea what that is?

Poker is getting more and more popular, especially as it gets easier for more and more people to play online. There are a number of types of poker you can play and different ways in which you can play them. A shootout is one of those poker tournaments where any number of players can take part because they’re split up into different tables. These are called mult-table tournaments.

A multi-table tournament is one where players are assigned an identical number of chips. Each of the tables have a number of player playing poker against each other. If someone runs out of chips they are kicked out of the game. As people get kicked out, the tables are shuffled around to keep them full. Eventually, enough people are kicked out so that only one table is left. When only one player is left at the final table he is declared the winner of the tournament.

A shootout is a special type of multi-table tournament. Instead of balancing out the tables as players are eliminated, the game progresses until each table is left with a single player. It’s at the point that the player left standing is moved to another table to play against other players who each won their table.

There are various type of shootouts, but they’re all played in a the fashion described above. They are different from the other main types of tournaments (Sit & Go) in that once the tournament starts no late entries are accepted.

The best thing you can do is try and get to watch one of these before you get to play. The best way to learn is always to observe experts at their game. That’s the path to success!

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