How do I block advertisments in my browser?

I’m starting to get annoyed by banners in my browser and was wondering what the best way to block them was. Can you help?

Hi there. There are a number of options and mechanisms to block adverts, but my favourite is a plugin for Firefox called AdBlock Plus. It’s pretty simple to install.  Just go to the Adblock Plus page on and click the big green installation button. Confirm installation and restart the application when asked.

Once your browser restarts, you’ll be asked to choose a filter so that the plugin will know what to block and what not. This looks like this the image alongside. I tend to go with the default subscription and it works quite well.

Once it’s all set up you can forget about your adverts; you won’t see another one, unless you want to, that is. If there are any pages that you would like to see adverts on, you can simply right-click on the plugin icon and tell it to Disable the plugin on that page. You can select a page or an entire site.

Try it out!


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