How do I find my old Wifi password?

A while ago, I connected my old laptop to the Wifi router at my community centre. I would like to do the same with my new laptop, but I cannot find the Wifi password.

Is it stored on my old laptop somewhere and, if so, can I recover it?

If your old laptop used Windows 7, the Wifi password can be retrieved by right-clicking the Wifi-connection icon in the Notification Area, selecting Properties and clicking the Security tab on the dialogue box that opens.

You’ll then see a box labelled ‘Network security’ key with a row of dots – just tick the Show characters box below this to reveal the password.

Older versions of Windows won’t show the Wifi password in this way, so you’ll need to download additional software to reveal it. Here’s one to try! Now that’s better news than getting one of those awesome Birthday Gift Baskets everyone’s talking about.

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