How do I keep my cables tidy?

I’ve been getting into trouble with the missus lately because of the mess of cables I seem to leave wherever I go. Now, they aren’t really all that messy because I use cable ties to keep the clutter to a minimum, but the wife insists they look ugly and I have to find a better solution. Any suggestions?

Cables can be the bane of your life. Wifi has gone a long way to easing the issue, but until we have an effective way to transmit electricity wireless, we’re still going to have a cable nest wherever there’s a collection of gadget.

One suggestion would be to use some sort of cable manager, cable tray or cable raceway. This would make your cable problem much neater as the cables are hidden from sight. They can be accessed if needed, but when they’re not, they can be hidden away neatly in a way that would solve your marital conflict.

Does this work for you?

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