How do I turn text upside down?

I’ve been using Twitter for a few weeks and recently I got a message from my brother with upside text. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it but have no idea; can you tell me how?

Why is Notepad showing me some strange stuff?

When my Windows 7 PC launches, Notepad appears on the Windows Desktop displaying this odd code in the editing window: [.ShellClassInfo]LocalizedResourceName=@%SystemRoot%\System32\Shell32.dll,-21787. This has been happening for about a month, though it doesn’t appear to affect the PC in any way. How can I prevent this from appearing?

How secure is my wireless printer?

I am thinking about buying a wireless printer and have a couple of questions. Will printing wirelessly use more of my broadband allowance? Second, as I often print out my bank statements, could sending them to print wirelessly mean that a hacker could intercept them and get copies?

How can I recover my Wifi network password?

A while ago, I connected my old laptop to the Wifi router at my community centre. I would like to do the same with my new laptop, but I cannot find the Wifi password. Is it stored on my old laptop somewhere and, if so, can I recover it?