How can I record music off a video on my computer?

I’ve been trying to record some music off ma video, but the software I’m using seems to be hearing sound in the room, not what’s playing on it. What am I doing wrong?

Ah, the old “record one media off another” trick. You probably thought it was a doddle to do and then hit a brick wall. Well, once you know what you need to do isn’t hard, once you know how. You need something called an “audio loopback device” which is something that Windows lets you do. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the Control panel and double click the “Sound”
  2. Select the “Recording” tab
  3. Right click on the background of the tab and select “Show Disabled Devices”
  4. Find the “Wave Out mix” (“Stereo Mix”, “Record What you hear”) item, right click on it and select Enable.

Now you can capture audio from any program on your computer. Most sound cards will let you do this, but there are a few older ones that will give you problems. Just keep that in mind.

Not too hard after all, much easier than those how to make computer faster questions huh?

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