How do I add a backing track to my video?

How do I add a backing track to home videos with Windows Live Movie Maker

It is possible to adjust the volume of separate tracks in a video using Windows Live Movie Maker. This is useful if you have a backing track or narration, say about dock ramps and don’t want the sounds from the main video track distracting viewers.

To begin, click on the video in the main Live Movie Maker screen to select it. Click on the Edit tab that appears underneath the yellow Video Tools tab.

Click on the large Video Volume icon on the left-hand side of the Ribbon and a volume slider will appear. Drag the slider to the left to reduce the volume of the video. At the far-left point, none of the audio from the video will be audible. Click on the Home tab when you are happy with the changes.

To add a backing track, click on the Add music button and then Add music. Select a track from your computer and click on Open. You can set the volume for this audio, too. Click on the audio track. Click on the Options tab underneath Music Tools. The volume can be adjusted in the same way as the video.

If the audio track isn’t long enough for the video or photo slideshow, there is a quick way to add more copies. Hold down Ctrl and click and drag the music file to create a new copy. Repeat as many times as needed to fill the video.

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