How can I subscribe to an RSS feed?

I’m looking at a blog but I’m not seeing a subscribe button on the page. I’m pretty sure they have an RSS feed. How do I go about subscribing to it?

I got this question while speaking to Leo on MSN. He was looking at a website that showed special deals on hotels in las vegas and had been told there was a feed, but just couldn’t find it. It turns out that the page didn’t really have a feed button, but was in fact broadcasting an RSS feed.

For the more tech savvy guys out there, this is done by adding the following line to your HTML:

<link rel="alternate" title="i4vegas Specials RSS" href="" type="application/rss+xml">

(that’s the feed taken from the site linked above)

Anyway, even though there’s no direct link to it, most browser will notice the line and give you a way to subscribe to you. Notice the RSS icons in the screenshots below:

Internet Explorer


All you have to do is click on the RSS icon and this should activate your chosen RSS reader. Quite simple when you know how, isn’t it?

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