How do I add Google Video to my WordPress blog?

I have been trying to put Google video on on wordpress page with out success. Any ideas? Help?

I got this question from my friend Leo who’s quickly becoming a WordPress fan. I knew he wasn’t talking about, because they have extra functionality to allow bloggers to embed Google Videos. In fact, inserting a piece of code like this:

allowed me to add a video directly to a post. You can see this on my test blog.

It’s a bit less straight-forward on a self-hosted blog, but it’s not hard once you know how. Here’s what you do.

  1. Get the embed code from the Google Video you want to embed
  2. Insert it into the HTML view in your WordPress editor

And voila’ here’s the video

It’s an amusing clip of a biker driving his Harley off the road. He’s going to need lots of Harley parts to repair that bike! Hope he didn’t get too hurt.

Now. A couple of things to keep in mind. If you try editing your post again in “Visual” mode, WordPress messes up the embed code for you and you’ll need to embed it again. Also, this technique works for Youtube and other video clips too.

Anyway .. I hope this helps.

2 thoughts on “How do I add Google Video to my WordPress blog?”

  1. One other thing to consider (at least applicable to YouTube, I’ve not checked out Google Video embedding options) is whether you want related videos to be automatically displayed at the end of your embedded videos, and whether to use a different colour or not for the video player interface. That way you can blend it in a little with your blog’s theme, especially if white is not a major component on your site’s theme. For an example, check out the Videos category at my site, linked above. (Hope you don’t mind the little plug Owen, I try to keep them infrequent and vaguely relevant 🙂 )

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