How do I correct a wrong address in Windows Mail?

When I start to type an email address into Windows Mail it tries to complete it automatically based on addresses I’ve used before. Unfortunately it has remember as mis-typed address. How can I stop it from using it?

I got this question from Steven who works for a leading satellite internet provider and who has been struggling with this problem for a couple of weeks now. Software nowadays tries to make things easier for you, but sometimes guessing what you’re trying to do can result in the wrong solution being suggested. So here’s what you can do to rectify the problem.

  1. Start by creating a new email
  2. Type in the incorrect address
  3. When it appears in the list press the down arrow on the keyboard until the incorrect address is highlighted
  4. Press the Delete key to remove it

And there you go, you’ll never be troubled by that email address again!

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