Where can I get someone to build a mashup for me?

My company has a website and I’d love to spruce it up using some super-cool mapping stuff like you see on a number of websites. Someone told me I can do a mashup, but when I signed up for API access at Google Maps I realised that I was way out of my depth. Where can I contract someone to give my website some glamour?

A number of websites around the web make use of API features provided by the larger sites to provide functionality that would be hard for them to build on their own. Google Maps is a prime example as it allows websites around the world to make use of their mapping technology and overlay any information they would like on them. However, you do need to have some coding skills to take full advantage of this. You do find toolkits around the web to make mashing up website features but if you want some clean integration you can’t get away from the fact that a developer would need to implement this for you.

If you have a budget to engage someone to implement this for you, check out APICoders. They are a company that specialise in supplying API mashup programmers and are happy to build functionality using any API framework you wish. They are based in India which means that their rates are much more competitive than anyone else you’ll come across and their portfolio includes Google Map mashups, Flickr mashups and PayPal integrations.

They seem to have a wide range of skills including abilities to code in PHP, .NET, Javascript, Ruby on Rails or ASP. This means they can probably integrate with any website you have already and embed any API functionality from sites you choose.

Check them out if you think they can help you.

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