How do I add my blog posts (WordPress) to my LinkedIn page?

I was looking at your profile on LinkedIn and noticed that you had your blog posts displayed there too. Can you tell me how you did that?

It was only recently that LinkedIn announced an API for development teams to build Applications that can integrate with their website. The boys down at WordPress managed to roll out an application pretty sharpish that lets you specify a WordPress blog which gets fed into your Profile page. Here’s how to implement it:

  • Click on “Applications” at the bottom of your left hand menu
  • Select the WordPress Application (shown alongside)
  • Click Update Settings on the WordPress Application main screen
  • Specify the URL of your blog. You can also specify here whether you want to display all posts or just those which you decorate appropriately.
  • Click Save

If you visit your profile page, you’ll now see your blog posts showing there for the whole world to see.

It’s pretty useful I though, especially if your blog is very much in line with what your profile is about. It’s helpful to showcase your blog, especially if it serves as a vehicle for you to increase your credibility and spread your thoughts. Much better than fighting over bar stools and drinking beer (though social events shouldn’t be undervalued)

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