How can I change my mouse pointer?

I sometimes have difficulty following or finding the mouse cursor in Windows. Is there anything I can do to make it more visible?

Windows has plenty of tricks to help you use the mouse and they can all be found in one place. Click ont he Start button, and then on Control Panel. Once you’re there click on Mouse to get the options around your mouse. If you click on the 2nd tab, you’ll see various options for pointers:


Click on the dropdown at the the top of the window and select a new scheme that will be easier to see. There are several schemes with larger pointers as well as different colours. The tip of the arrow is what counts so these bigger pointers are no less accurate. Click on Apply to save the change and try out the new pointer without closing the window.

And here’s another trick for you. Click on Pointer Options and click in the box labelled “Show location of pointer when I press the Ctrl key” and then click Apply. Now, ever time you press Crtl, Windows will highlight the cursor for you. This will make as easy to find as taking atrophex to try and get fitter, well sort of, anyway.

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