How can I listen to radio while at sea?

I’m getting a job working on a cruise ship and was looking for some way I can get my favourite radio channel. I don’t know for sure, but i may have Internet access. Is this the only way I can receive radio?

The Internet is certainly a great way of keeping in touch with radio channels back home, but, of course, that does rely on having an Internet connection. It also requires that the channel you are following does have an Internet stream. Most do, but not all channels offer this facility.

One option you can keep in mind is to keep in touch with your favourite radio station using a satellite receiver. A number of radio channels now transmit their programmes over a satellite connection which means you can listen to them in all sorts of weird and unusual places; including on a cruise ship. Here’s one satellite radio that can serve your purposes:

The Pioneer inno2BK XM Satellite Radio Receiver is on sale from at around $140 at the moment. Besides letting you listen to radio, it also has the ability to listen to MP3s (and WMAs) as well as letting you record radio programmes, songs and snippets directly off your radio programme. It’s a great little device and a great bargain at the moment too.


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