How can I protect my iPod at the beach?

I destroyed my last iPod by taking it to the beach with me. All was fine until one of my friends tried splashing some water at me and inadvertently wet my pride and joy. I now have a new one (with more capacity 😉 ) but wanted to make sure it doesn’t suffer the same fate as it’s predecessor. What do you recommend?

Gadgets are becoming an everyday part of our life but they do have one fatal weakness: moisture. Getting electronics wet is a sure fire way to render them useless and turn them into an expensive door stop. Luckily, devices are getting more sturdy, but you can also get protective covers for most of them.

One particular one that looks really great is the iHome Portable Water Resistant Speaker Case. Not only does it help protect your iPod from rain, water and your mates’ splashing; but it also helps you listen to your music in stereo while it’s keeping your device safe. You can see the device alongside and can see that it has a vinyl window that lets you keep an eye on the screen and also lets you control the device without having to take it out of the pouch.

It always pays to make sure your iPod is protected. As you know they don’t come cheap and splashing them can be an expensive proposition. The iHome Portable Speaker Case is currently on sale from at under $15.00, so you really have no excuse not to keep your MP3 player protected.

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