What’s a good alternative for my touchpad?

I love my laptop, but I just can’t get to grips with the touchpad it comes with. I also don’t like the idea of carrying a mouse around with me, it’s bulky and the cable keeps getting tangled. Is there anything you can suggest?

Laptops are great aren’t they? You can carry them around wherever you go and you can get to use them anywhere you like. Combined with a Wifi or 3G connection, you have the flexibility of working or playing any place you wish. However, working with a smaller or more cramped keyboard is one of the prices you have to pay, as well as trying to get used to a touch pad instead of a normal mouse. Some laptop even have a little pointer in the middle of the keyboard, but it doesn’t really compare to something you can move around.

Your comment about cables got me thinking about wireless alternatives and I have a great gadget for you. Check out this video:

It’s the Newton MoGo Mouse BT which lives right in the PCMCIA slot of your laptop. When you need it, just pop it out and off you go. It uses Bluetooth to talk to your laptop and thus doesn’t need a cable. It also charges when you store it in the PCMCIA slot so no need to worry about chargers or replacement batteries either. It’s currently on sale for around $20, which is really peanuts when you consider how cool it is.

Check it out

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