Can you recommend a great gadget?

I’m looking for a great gift for my teenage son who’s well into his gadgets. Can you recommend something awesome?

Hmm, how do you define awesome? Different people love different things and something that one person will like may find amazing could be boring for someone else. Luckily gadgets are one of those things that most people like, so as least you’re on the right track.

I’ve had a look around at some toys and other things that maybe a teenager would like and would like to suggest the Spykee Spy Robot, which might fit his definition of “awesome”. It’s a robot you build up and then can right from your computer. But it’s not just about controlling it. The robot has a webcam so you can use it to watch what’s going on, and it also supports VOIP, so you can use it to listen and talk to people anywhere in the robot’s range. It talks to your computer over Wifi, so you can control it anywhere in the house. The robot can also be built in different configurations so you can make it look like anything you wish.

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t mind having one of these myself and they’re currently on sale for around $120. I’d obviously have to use my kids as an excuse, but hey, I’m sure they’ll love playing with Spykee

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