Can I get one device to replace all remote controls?

We’ve just rounded up all the remote controls in our living room and it turns out we have six different ones! My cousin mentioned that it’s possible to get a “super-remote” that can replace all of them. Is this really possible?

Your cousin is quite right; there are a class of gadget around that lets you replace all your different remote controls with one device that can replicate their function. This is thanks for the fact that different remote controls are designed not to interfere with one another, therefore this device can just replicate the signals that each remote control generates.

One such device is the Philips PRESTIgO RSU8015 Universal Remote Control. It’s a 15-in-1 remote control that lets you control up to 15 different devices from one remote control which is currently on sale from for under $40 (and that includes shipping too). The remote control has a high resolution colour LCD too, so you can easily see what you’re about to be doing. The PRESTIgO has a huge database of different devices it controls, so matching it up against what you have should be relatively easy. It also lets you program different actions in it, so you can press one button to close the curtains, lower the lights, turn on the TV, turn on your satellite decoder and change the channel to your favourite station.

If you noticed the comment above, you can control more than just your TV. It also supports other remote control devices you can wire into your home and control all from one place. Hmm, maybe I should get myself one of these for Christmas 😉

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