Can I use a wireless camera as a baby monitor?

We’ve just had a baby and i was wondering if I could use a wireless camera as a baby monitor. do you reckon that would work?

Actually, by my book, that’s an excellent idea. The great thing about a wireless camera is that you can use if for a variety of purposes. You can watch it from anywhere you want; you could stream it online, you could even pipe it to your TV if you had a network connection for it.

There are a variety of models of wireless camera on the market, but I particularly like the D-Link SecuriCam DCS-920 that’s currently on sale at for around $62.00. That’s around £40 in real money which I find really tempting. If it weren’t for shipping charges I’d actually get one for myself to watch out babies. The last time I checked on a couple of UK websites, the cheapest I found was around £100.

Anyway, the great thing about Wifi cameras is that they have a small web server inside them, which means all you have to do is point your browser at them and you can see everything the camera can see. And the fact that they use Wifi means that all you need is a power source for them. No cabling, no wires, no mess. Hmm .. maybe a Christmas present …

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  1. It sounds like a good idea. We have an 3 month old baby, and I think I’d like to be able to see her as well as hear her. I would say, I think a sound-sensitive baby monitor is also critical. I wouldn’t want just video. At least you can hear the breathing. The baby may look peaceful, but not be breathing. Nice idea, but go for both (video and audio)!

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