Where can I find the free version of AVG?

When checking the status of my copy of AVG free I saw a notification that there is a new version of AVG Free. I clicked on the link to download it, but could only find links to the paid-for verion. Where’s the free one gone?

As you can imagine, AVG would be happy for you to purchase a copy of AVG, so they tend to make the free one a bit harder to find. It’s there on the website, but you need to make sure you’re looking in the right place. Go to the AVG Free page and click on the link shown below:

Note that while the free version provides adequate security, the paid-for versions have a few more features that the free version doesn’t. So, if you’re interested in anti-spam because you’ve been receiving email about human growth hormone for example, you may want to consider a paid-for version. There are other packages out there that can also help you; but if it’s proving useful, it’s worth considering.

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