Which NVIDIA drivers do I need?

I have a laptop that has an Nvidia graphics card, at least that’s what the sticker on the outside days. The laptop is manufactured by some Korean outfit and they don’t seem to have a website. I’m looking for the video drivers for the card, is there some where else I can download them from?

NVIDIA Corporation
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You’re in luck here a Nvidia is one of the major card producers and have their own website where you can download drivers for all their products. Even better than that, their website even has a facility that will scan your computer and figure out what card you’re using and then point you in the direction of the driver you need.

Here’s what you do, head to the Nvidia Driver Download page, where you will see a page like this:

Click on Graphics Drivers (circled above) and let the site install the required software and scan your system. It should then point you at the driver you need to make it all happen. Simple huh? I wish it was that easy to get replacement bulbs for my lighting fixtures, I always seem to get the wrong type whenever a bulb blows!

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