Can I watch 3D movies on my PSP?

I was watching a mate of mine watch a video on his PSP and I could almost swear it was was in 3D. I haven’t heard of any movie that can do this on the PSP, do you know what I’m talking about?

I’ve had a quick look around the technology and the PlayStation Portable just doesn’t have the right hardware to play 3D movies. There are a couple of tricks that are available to PSP users to try and get this effect.

One such technique is the PSP Real View V-Screen Depth Enhancer that you can find on sale from for around $25. It’s a special screen that sits on top of your PSP screen and adds some depth enhancement to the display you are looking at. It uses visual cues on the screen to create the perception of depth in order to turn your normal display into a 3 dimensional representation. It’s not real 3D, but it’s close and it’s quite cheap.

It’s only a matter of time before 3D technology becomes more common place. We’re already seeing more of it at the cinema; 3D televisions are now available and there are already the beginnings of something happening in the video game world. Looks like an interesting development, what do you think?

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