How can I get my Xbox controller fixed?

I’ve had an Xbox 360 for a couple of years now and love it to bit. However recently one of the buttons on my favourite controller has started playing it. It started working intermittently and now you really have to bang on it if you want something to happen. As you can image, it gets pretty hard to play games like that; is there anything I can do to get it fixed?

I’m glad you like your Xbox, there are quite a few games for it and it’s one of the better consoles on the market. Unfortunately repairs on the controller can be quite expensive. The big issue with repairing electronics is that the cost of labour is usually much higher than actually replacing the item; so buying a new controller may be the way to go.

For example, you may choose to go for the Xbox 360 Halo: Reach Wireless Controller. It features all the functionality of the award-winning Xbox Wireless controller, but comes in a stylish finish inspired by Halo: Reach. If you’re a big fan of Halo (.. and really .. who isn’t?) this may be just the ticket for you. It’s on sale from for under $50, including shipping, and I’m sure it will be a great addition to your gaming rig.

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