How do I control my presentation wirelessly?

I give a lot of PowerPoint presentation, but find that I always have to hand around my laptop so I can move from one slide to the next. I’ve recently started running around with a wireless mouse in my hand, but it just doesn’t feel right. Is there a better way to control my presentation?

I have been known to use the wireless mouse trick from time to time, but always get confused which button to press to advance the slide. What I can suggest is a purpose-built device, the Kensington K33374 Device Remote Control.

It consists of a small device that sits in the palm of your hand and gives you the ability to control your presentation from anywhere in the room. It’s a radio device as opposed to an infrared one, so doesn’t require line-of-sight between the device and the receiver. The receiver is a tiny device that plugs into your notebook’s USB port, but it stores away in the pointer itself when not in use. The Remote Control also has a built in laser pointer for pointing at things on the screen, again from across the room. It really is all you need to deliver an effective presentation. The device is on sale from and you can get it for under $20 if you use the rebate. Shipping is free!

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