How do I get Bluetooth to work on my laptop?

I’ve got a new Smartphone with all the bells and whistles you can get. One of the things I should be able to do is to transfer photos by Bluetooth, but although I can activate this on my phone, I can’t seem to find the option on my computer. How do I turn my Bluetooth on?

I’m afraid this question is a bit hard to answer without having more specific information on your computer. First of all you need to make sure that your Bluetooth is activated. Soe laptops have an option in their BIOS settings to turn this off and on and if it’s not activated then Windows won’t know that the laptop has this capability. If this is activated, check your Device Manager in Windows to make sure Windows has the right drivers for the device as without these your Bluetooth won’t work.

Some laptops just don’t have the capability, so the first thing you need to do is make sure you have a Bluetooth device that you can use. You can buy these quite cheaply; one such device is the Kensington Bluetooth USB Micro Adapter which is currently on sale from at around $12.00 The great thing about it is that it’s really tiny and an fit into a USB port without taking up too much space (see image on the right). Once it’s in, Windows should recognise it and automatically install the correct drivers for you. Enjoy!

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