What’s the best way to print to a remote printer?

I tend to run around the house with my laptop, but our printer is attached to the main computer which is sitting up in the attic. I don’t tend to print much so that’s fine, but when I do I have to run up the stairs to make sure the printer is working fine and to collect my printer. I’ve considered running a cable down from my computer, but there has to be a simpler way right?

As you say, there has to be a simpler way and I suspect I may have the answer for you. As you’re running around with a laptop, I can only assume that you have Wifi in the house. If this is the case, you can now get printers that connect directly to your wireless network and print directly to it. This means that you can locate the printer anywhere you like in the house, whether it’s in a cupboard in the living room, or in a spare room upstairs.

One such printer is the Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 Wireless Colour Inkjet Printer. I keep coming across this one and it always seems to get raving reviews. It’s basically your normal inkjet printer, but with the ability to connect to your weireless network and make itself available to all the computers on the network. It’s currently on sale from Buy.com and you can get it for around $170 (which includes shipping). That’s a mighty good price for a decent printer, especially if find it as convenient as I think you will. Check it out!

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