How can I resize photos quicky and easily?

I recently got a great new 12 Megapixel camera, but when I email photos to my friends they’re getting rejected because they’re too large. What’s the best way to resize them?

As you can imagine, this isn’t an uncommon problem. Most email servers have a size limit on incoming email and you hardly need a 12 megapixel image for a quick look at something, or to download to a digital frame. There are a number of of products out there that will resize your photos for you. Any painting package will do it for you and if you don’t use it already, the free Paint.Net is one package that you should have in your arsenal. There’s something better you can use though, which might fit your purpose a bit better.

Image Resizer for Windows is a tool that lets you right-click on an image and just pick a smaller size for it. It’s a free download and presents a dialogue box with options to save a copy of the photo at a different resolution that’s more suitable for emailing.

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