How can I block ads on my Android phone?

I’m getting a bit bugged with all the adverts appearing on my new Android phone. I’m used to AdBlock on my Firefox PC. Is there any similar way I can block the ads?

Hi there. I don’t believe there’s anything like a browser plugin you can you on the standard Android browser, but you may want to switch to look at Firefox for mobile and see if you can use your favourite plugins.

There is, as always, another options; but this is only available to you if your phone has been rooted. There’s a brilliant application called AdFree that block advertisements, not only in your browser but also the ones shown inside applications. I had played Angry Birds for months before I realised there were supposed to be adverts in the game! You can search for AdFree in the market or use this QR code:

The one thing to keep in mind is that sometimes these ads are the only source of revenue that plugin authors have. Just remember that before you block their ads. It may also be their only job; I have a friend, who although he got his online business degree some time back, still prefers to build mobile apps rather than work a 9 to 5 job (he sometimes works a 9 to midnight job)

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