How can I keep my Android phone secure?

I’ve started using an Android phone recently and someone told me that there are malicious apps out there for it. What’s the best way to keep myself protected?

Android phones are pretty versatile devices and you can get all sorts of software for them. Are you have heard, there have been incidents of malicious apps being downloaded onto these phones, although they tend to be blocked quite quickly.

So, what do you need to know to avoid finding yourself in a pesky situation. First of all, before any application gets installed on your phone, it asks for a set of permissions that allow it do things. It may sound boring, but it’s always worth reviewing these. If an application wants to access “services that cost you money“, then it has permission to make as many phone calls and make SMSes that can cost you money. Most applications are legitimate and the permissions requested should match what you expect the application to do.

But if you can’t be bothered checking, or you’re not sure if that app you got with the latest of those osprey packs you bought is fine or not; you can always download an anti-virus app to check for you. I currently run a free one from AVG which provides all the cover I need. It’s worth checking it out.

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