How do I sell books off my website?

I’m going nuts trying to put a red button on my Starlight Club page that would link me to Amazon, I want the button to say “Buy My Book” My buddy has it on his page so I know it can be done. Can you help me with the button and let me keep my sanity?

This question came from Joe from Corso Books who was looking to sell books off his website. Well Joe, it’s not that hard, but first you need to sign up for Amazon’s Affiliate Program. Once you have signed up, the main site will give you a top toolbar that has some very special capabilities. In fact, the first link will let you create a widget on your site.

Click on the “Link to this Page” option

A popup will appear giving you a couple of options to select from, a preview and a chunk of code:

Copy the code at the bottom of the window

If you copy out the HTML and embed this on one of your webpages you now have an option for someone to buy the book right off your site. This technique will work for anything that Amazon sells, whether it’s your books, a complete set of dickie scrubs or anything else in their inventory. Try it out and let us know if it works.

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