How do I get Adobe Flash back on my Android phone?

I’ve recently upgraded my phone and I don’t have Flash available any more. Is there a way around this?

Full Adobe Flash support has with the arrival of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and often even ICS smartphones now ship without the controversial piece of software. The need for it, as many more video sites, as well as online game hubs still require Adobe Flash support.

Most makers ship their Android phones now with their own browser versions, often flanked by Chrome. Sometimes even those browsers don’t support Flash.

For those cases, you can follow a few very simple steps to restore Adobe Flash to your phone.

1. Run Google search in your phone and type in “archived flash player versions” – if you have the automatic suggestions turned on, it actually appears as the first or one of the first results when you type “archived.”
2. Click on the first link that appears in Google’s results afterwards, and it will take you to Adobe’s developers page for Flash below.
3. Scroll down almost to the bottom, and choose the latest mobile Flash player version for Android.
4. Click on the link, it will download the .APK file automatically, and prompt you to install it in the notification bar. Tap “install” and you are done. If for some doesn’t work right away, try rebooting the device first.

You can now run your Flash bits in your browser, whether they are websites about Leather Cowboy Hats or online games. Try that out!

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