How do I get Firefox to save passwords for me?

I’ve been using Firefox for some time now. I recently installed a Password Manager plugin which I have now removed. Since I removed it, Firefox doesn’t seem to be populating my password fields for me. What can I do?

There are a number of password managers out there, but to tell you the truth I use the one built into Firefox all the time. What really works for me is that I use Firefox on my Android phones and tablets too, and the sync functionality means that all my passwords are at hand when I need them.

So, let’s get down to the problem at hand. The Add-on you installed probably told Firefox that it would handle passwords from that point onwards and deactivated that functionality. Turning it on is relatively simple. If you head to your Options dialog box, click on the Security tab and the option to turn password handling back on is right in front of you:


You could almost wish Firefox had a pneumatic sensor that would turn it on automatically for you, but unfortunately it doesn’t, so this post will just have to do 🙂

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