How can I host my server farm?

I’ve been playing with Virtual Machines for some time now, and after realising I can host a number a machines on one server I’ve come up with a plan to put all my company’s servers on one box. The tower I bought for my plan isn’t cutting it though, what do you recommend?

How can I recover my Wifi network password?

A while ago, I connected my old laptop to the Wifi router at my community centre. I would like to do the same with my new laptop, but I cannot find the Wifi password. Is it stored on my old laptop somewhere and, if so, can I recover it?

How long do CD-Rs last?

I have recently transferred all my photos to CD-Rs, with one disc for each topic. How long can I store them like this before transferring them to new discs? Having seen floppies become unusable over time, how do I ensure that there will always be a medium and method of saving these photos for posterity?

Why is my UK keyboard showing wrong characters?

I have a desktop PC running Windows 7. With this, I use an old Samsung wireless keyboard. This has always performed faultlessly, but the supplied driver doesn’t seem to work with Windows 7. I recently tried to set up another user account for my wife, but although the keyboard is set to UK English, the… Continue reading Why is my UK keyboard showing wrong characters?