How secure is my wireless printer?

I am thinking about buying a wireless printer and have a couple of questions. Will printing wirelessly use more of my broadband allowance? Second, as I often print out my bank statements, could sending them to print wirelessly mean that a hacker could intercept them and get copies?

How do I add Bluetooth to my computer?

My computer is only a year old, but when I bought it I didn’t think I’d be needing Bluetooth. My new phone uses it though, and I’d like to add it to my computer. Is there something I can download?

How can I connect to my Wifi network?

I’m trying to connect my laptop to my Wifi network which currently has a number of computers already connected. I’ve supplied the WEP key it requires but all I get on this laptop is “Acquiring networking address” and it never actually connects. Is my laptop’s WiFi broken?